Friday, July 1, 2016

May 2016 Favorites -- Jewelry, Home & More...

  1. Deviant Moon Tarot Deck Paperback – by Patrick Valenza:  I love the aesthetics of  Tarot cards.  I also love what some of the cards can symbolize.  This is a stunning deck with surrealistic artwork by Partick Valenza.
  2. Penny Dreadful (Showtime):  I first saw this on an airplane, on the way to Italy.  My husband and I were sitting across the aisle from one another.  I remember the gentleman next to me shielding his eyes from the vampire autopsy scene. LOL   I have been  hooked ever since.  We don't subscribe to Showtime so I have to wait for the DVDs to come out before I can see the newer seasons.
  3. Kirkland Signature Ladies' 2 Pack MicroModal Camisoles -- Black:  I love these for sleeping, hanging around the house etc.  They're inexpensive; so, I don't have to fret when my cat's nails eventually punch holes in them either.
  4. Hansel and Gretel Standard Edition: A TOON Graphic Hardcover – by Neil Gaiman  (Author), Lorenzo Mattotti (Illustrator):  I've read about 1/3 of this so far -- which is silly because it's not very long at all.  As the AWOLNATION song says -- Blame it on my ADD.  It's quite a sad story so far.  (Spoiler alert!!!) Parents abandoning their two children in a forest because they are so poor. (Sigh!)
  5. DewiDesign (Etsy) Fake Gauge Earrings,"Ivy" Naturally Organic, Tamarind Wood: I love DewiDesign earrings.  I wanted these because they are a lighter color to contrast with long hair -- otherwise, you can't tell I'm wearing anything.
  6. Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions):  I remember having a putty greige copy of Grimms Fairy Tales, with blue typeface on the cover and binding, when I was extremely young --  Like, between 3 1/2 till I was a teenager.   It probably, originally belonged to my dad. I don't think I ever really read it.  I remember looking at some of the pictures, which were line drawings, but that's about it. I got this beautifully bound copy of it that has some color illustrations in it.  I intend to, at least, read some of the stories.
  7. MermaidTearsDesigns (Etsy) Rainbow Arrowhead Earrings - Titanium Aura Quartz Jewelry:  A makeup lovers dream!  Yes, I said makeup lovers!  Multichome earrings!!!  They're beautiful!
  8. The Sleeper and the Spindle Hardcover – by Neil Gaiman (Author), Chris Riddell (Illustrator):  Another one for my "Beautiful Book" collection.  I have not read it yet -- but the illustrations are just beautiful!!!  It's Neil Gaiman -- I have faith that the writing is excellent!
  9. Oscar and the Moth: A Book About Light and Dark (Start with Science) Paperback – by Geoff Waring:  I just happened to search for books on moths and saw this.  I love to read a well done children's book.  This one combines science with cute illustrations!  
  10. Oscar and the Bat: A Book About Sound (Start with Science) Paperback – by Geoff Waring: I decided I wanted more Oliver books after Oliver And The Moth.  This is my second book.  These books are so charming and so feel good.  I find they cheer me up if I've had a difficult day.
  11. DewiDesign (Etsy) Fake Gauge Earrings, "Glistening Wings" Mother Of Pearl:  These are beautiful!  I love wing earrings!!  I will say one caveat about fake gauge earrings -- twist the earrings together, don't push or shove.  Be gentle, as the posts are long and very flexible.  Why fake gauges and not the real thing?  I want to be able to wear all kinds of earring in the bottom holes of my ears, not just ones that are for stretched lobes.  Plus,I don't like the idea, at my age, of heavy earrings working with gravity to pull skin down.  LOL
  12. Gray's Anatomy (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions):  A friend of mine and my husband asked me if this had anything to do with the television series.  Uh....No!  LOL  This is an anatomy book, written by Henry Gray and published first around the mid 1800's..  This is beautifully bound.  I love it!
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