Monday, March 14, 2016

You Tube Made Me Buy It -- Blushes/Rouge -- Plus My Favorite Blush Brush Ever!!!

There are a lot of blushes pictured here.  These are not necessarily the only colors I've bought of these blushes.  I have hearts next to the ones that I would buy again, if I needed to.These are also not the only brands of blushes that You Tube  "made me buy".  I am working on using up the items I have that are not cruelty free.  And I have not included them here for that reason.  See below the picture for the list of items and also my favorite blush brush. 

1.  Physician's Formula Nude Wear™ Glowing Nude Blush -- I actually got this in a 2014 Holiday palette which also came with the Glowing Nude Powder and the Glowing Nude Bronzer.  I found the whole palette okay.  I used most of the Powder and Bronzer.  I hardly used the blush.  There wasn't a lot of pigment to the blush and it was a basic blush color.  Would not purchase again.

2.  Physician's Formula Happy Booster™Glow & Mood Boosting Blush -- Heard about this from emilynoel83. This blush actually has decent pigmentation. Plus it smells really good and looks darling.  Of the three blushes by Physician's Formula I have on this page, this is the only one, I feel, is decently pigmented and performs well.

3.  Hard Candy Blush Crush -- I love these!  I've come to really appreciate a blush with some shimmer to it.  I have Living Doll (pictured -- Heard about this from emilynoel83.) and Bombshell.  I love the healthy glow it gives to the skin (as I am one who likes to use face powder). Would repurchase again.

4.  Nyx HIGH DEFINITION BLUSH in Intuition-- I have this in Intuition (Heard about this from emilynoel83.) This particular color has some gold shimmer in it.  Very pretty!

5.  Physician's Formula Sexy Booster™ Sexy Glow Blush --  This looks so pretty in the container & the packaging adorable; but, for me it lacks pigmentation.  Will not purchase again.

6.  Milani ROSE POWDER BLUSH -- I have this in Tea Rose. This is a good blush.  I have so many blushes that for me, this is a novelty item.  But, if I didn't have a slew of blushes, I would definitely repurchase. (Heard about this from emilynoel83.)

7.  Milani BAKED BLUSH -- This blush has been talked about all over You Tube.  I have Dolce Pink.  Like the Hard Candy blushes, most of the baked blushes have some shimmer to them and impart a lovely glow to the skin.  (Could use less packaging with these, though.) Would definitely repurchase!

8.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush -- These blushes were talked about all over You Tube, as well.  I think I had Heather Silk or Pearlescent Pink.  It was a long time ago.  They are really decently pigmented blushes.  They've been repackaged, recently to have slightly less packaging.  I wish they'd do away with the useless applicators altogether, though. 

9.  Nyx ROUGE CREAM BLUSH -- I have mine in Orange.  I heard these were good, on You Tube, and I was looking for an orange cream blush.  I've been discovering, however that cream blush is not very practical for a makeup addict like me.  While I really like this blush I will not be purchasing any more cream blushes for a long time.

10. Sleek Makeup Blush -- I heard about, not only, this brand of blush; but, Flamingo from emilynoel83.  Her sister gave this to her as a birthday/Christmas gift.  Beautiful color and nicely pigmented.  Sleek only puts packaging around the blusher itself.  No extraneous packaging or useless applicators.

11. Colour Pop Blush -- These are great blushes with nice pigmentation.  This is a sort of cream/powder formula.  I love these; but, again, for someone who loves trying new makeup all the time.  I'm finding that cream formula's are not that practical and carry with it a certain pressure and guilt.  LOL

12. NARS Blush -- NARS has a reputation for great blushes and they do not disappoint in this area.  Pictured is Angelika.  I've also had the famed Orgasm; and, I also have Exhibit A - a very pigmented red. I believe Goss Makeup Artist is responsible for my purchases of Angelika and Exhibit A.

13. Coastal Scents Forever Blush -- Another emilynoel83 recommendation.  These are VERY pigmented.  So you may have your compact of blush, literally, FOREVER.  Could do without the sliver of a mirror in the compact (Why?  It's useless!) .  But otherwise, great blush!

14. Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 -- Yes, emilynoel83!!!  I got mine in Pink Lemonade, which is the shade she had.  It has a cream blush in the middle.  Very beautiful palette.  But, again, there's the cream blush dilemma.

15. e.l.f. Studio Powder Blush Palette -- This was actually very nicely pigmented.  Which is odd because as you'll see, I find the single blushes to be very hit and miss.  

16. e.l.f. Studio Pressed Mineral Blush -- The texture on these is nice but the pigmentation is very sheer, I find.  Not something I want to repurchase.

17. e.l.f. Studio Blush -- These were abuzz on You Tube.  I have found these to be hit and miss. Some are decently pigmented, some are chalky, some have practically no color.  I pretty much give up with getting any more of these.

18. Makeup Geek Blush Pan -- When these came out, You Tubers were going gaga over these.  After getting a set of them a few months ago, I see why.  They are talc free and have a very natural but nicely pigmented look to them.

19. Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour --  This is a cool palette.  It's about the size of the It Cosmetics Vitality palette.  The Baked Vanilla highlighter has just a touch of shimmer so can ever be used under the eyes.  The bronzer is not very dark and is a good color for me to add some color to my hairline and under my cheek contour.  The Cherry Cobbler blush is a beautiful shimmery pink shade with a hint of warmth.

20. Morphe Brushes 9B Palette --  Young Wild And Polished turned me on to this palette.  It is a gorgeous palette of both brighter and muted blushes.  Very nicely pigmented!  Great for travel!

My Favorite Blush Brush
The e.l.f Small Stipple Brush

I found out about this brush from -- you guessed it, from the number of times I've mentioned her channel above, emilynoel83.  Ever since I got one for myself, I've been hooked.  I not only use it for cream blush, as she prefers; but, I use it for powder blush as well.  I find the size ensures that I don't get a big patch of blush on my face, and the stippled bristles prevent too heavy an application.  I have many backups of this brush and have given this brush as a little "stocking stuffer" gift, many a time.

Ta Ta For Now!

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