Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Perfect Palette Tag

This tag has been on YouTube for ages.  I wasn't tagged; but, I thought I'd do it anyway.  I certainly have enough palettes!  I didn't even get to mention my favorite Morphe palettes in here.  I may have to create a tag just for that!

1. Best packaging

Too Faced Sugar Pop Eyeshadow Palette:  Is this not the cutest packaging? Colorful Macrons on a reusable tin. It's so cute, I almost wouldn't care what was in it.  But what's in it is very nice indeed.  This palette actually reminds me a lot of Sugarpill's Sparkle Baby Palette.  Sugar Pop has a few darker colors for the crease that make it a nice complete palette.

2. Best color payoff

Kat Von D Monarch Palette:  Really, all of her palettes have wonderful color payoff.  This palette not only has fantastic color payoff; but, is a very me-colored palette.  (Have you heard that they are discontinuing this?  That's what the buzz is. That's too bad if it's true -- it's a beautiful palette!)

Makeup Geek Manny MUA Palette:  Holy pigmentation Batman!!!  The pigmentation on these is crazy good! The colors are some of my favorite and it's limited edition.

3. Most versatile
Shany Masterpiece Remix:  There is practically every eyeshadow color under the sun in this palette.  the pigmentation isn't phenomenal; but, it's pretty decent. The texture of the shadows is really nice too.  If you love trying new eye looks and don't want a whole slew of palettes cluttering up your space, or emptying your pocketbook, this is for you.  Plus, it comes with blush and contour shades.

4. Best for traveling
Eve Pearl Flawless Palette:  If you do not have really oily skin, this is a great travel palette for your foundation/concealer/brightener/cream blush/highlighter needs.  The yellow cream is listed as a mattifier; but, I think it makes an excellent under eye brightener.

5. Biggest regret

Smashbox Masterclass III Palette:  I thought this was going to be the answer to my travel palette dreams. Neutral shadows on one side, colorful shadow on the other.  Plus, there's contour, highlight and blush in there.  Emilynoel83 raved about this, saying she loved the eyeshadow formula.  After I got it and traveled with it a couple of times, I realized I wasn't that nuts about the eyeshadow formula.  And I wasn't that nuts about the shadows on the right side of the palette.  I realized they weren't MY kind of colorful shadows.  This has gone to someone else since buying.

6. Best color names
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette: Part of the fun of Kat Von D cosmetics is seeing what the colors are named.  They could be named after rock stars, music styles, a concept, her sphynx cats...  This palette is a prime example of her naming style:   Swoon, Destroyer, Rewind, Harpsichord, Analogue, Fran, Legend, Vinyl, Misfit, Lemmy, Hyperballad, Synth, Darkwave, Echo, Muse, Anthem, Love, Lyric, Strutter, Moulder, Noble, Skulls and Black Metal.

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude: With Highlighters named Mary-Lou Manizer & Cindy-Lou Manizer , you know TheBalm has a sense of humor!  This palette is no exception.  The palette has a slightly naughty sense of humor -- "size matt(e)rs" they say.  (They aren't kidding with the generously sized shadow pans!) Some of the shadow names also have a slightly naughty sense of humor as well:   Matt Johnson, Matt Garcia, Matt Malloy, Matt Rosen, Matt Wood, Matt Singh, Matt Abdul, Matt Lombardi, Matt Hung.

7. Least used

Urban Decay Naked 3: Let me preface this by saying, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this palette.  I was really excited to get this palette.  I created a couple of nice looks; but, after using it a few times, I just wasn't that interested in it anymore  I love changing up my eye look and this didn't offer me enough variety to hold my interest.  This has gone to someone else who can use it.

8. Most used/most loved/desert island palette
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette: I love, love, love this palette!  There is so much I can do with this palette -- even create a nude eye look if I wanted!  So many looks can be created with this palette without pulling in another palette.  But, another palette, of course, can be pulled in as well.  The only two colors I haven't explored on this palette, yet, are the blues and pinks.  

Ta Ta For Now!

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