Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bath Time for Brushes!!!

Washing makeup brushes can be tedious.  (At least I think so.)  I try to prolong it as much as possible by having many back up brushes, and by using Daily Brush Cleaner in between washings.  But, when I do finally get around to washing my makeup brushes, I like having the right tools to get them really clean and to get them clean as quickly as possible.    (See below picture for list of supplies.)

1.  Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap (I got mine from Amazon)
2. A Bowl
3. A textured silicone cleaning matt or gloves
4. Benjabelle Brush Tree (Mine is the Sunflower version)
5. Bath Towel -- or Hand Towel if you don't have many brushes
6. Animal companion (optional)

Above is the Fels Naptha soap.  I break my bar in half as it is a rather large bar.

Put the 1/2 bar of soap in a bowl or container that is a lot bigger than the soap.  As you can tell, my half bar has been used a few times.

Add some water to the bowl.
Wait at least 5 minutes...

Look at all these dirty brushes I have to wash!!!! (Plus one Beauty Blender)

Dip brush in water and if you have brushes that have creme products or foundation on them, rub the brush on the soap as well.

Let your wet brushes rest in a bowl or container for a few minutes.  Try to keep them as upright as possible.

Use the texture on your brush washing matt (or pet groomer) to help get your brush clean.  DO NOT use a brush washing mat for those large flat top Kabuki brushes. -- I learned from experience that the silicone texture pulls brush hairs out of those brushes.

Densely packed foundation brushes and paint style foundation brushes tend to need additional dipping and washing.  Such is their nature.

You do not need this matt for Beauty Blenders.

Set your Benjabelle Brush tree on a towel.  Dab your freshly washed brushes on the towel to get rid of excess moisture.  Then hang brushes in Benjabelle Brush tree.  Lets your brushes dry properly keeps water and moisture out of the ferrule.

Yes, I have a lot of brushes.  The scary thing is -- this is not ALL of my brushes!  I have a lot more!!! :)

Ta ta For Now!!!

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