Friday, April 8, 2016

Perfect Palette Tag 2

There has been a second Perfect Palette Tag floating around YouTube.  Again, I was not tagged; but, I thought it would be fun to do.  Enjoy!

1. Eyeliner, brush or nothing included?

Nothing: A brush collection is so essential nowadays to makeup; that, I feel adding a brush to a palette is unnecessary.  Plus, someone, on even the tightest budget, can get good quality brushes. Cosmetic companies can do themselves and the environment a favor by not adding brushes and applicators (especially really cheap unusable ones). 

2. Name a palette you have hit pan on.
e.l.f. contour palette:  This is pretty typical of any contour palette for me.  The actual contour shade is the one to go first. I would actually love for a company to make a contour pan that is as big as those Wet n Wild bronzer palettes.  Or a 1/2 and half contour and highlight that's like Laura Geller Baked French Vanilla.

3. Favorite “Naked” palette?
Can you hear the crickets chirping?  I have to be honest and say, I'm not a fan of the Naked Palettes.  I've had Naked 3 before.  They are great quality.  But, the whole neutral thing isn't for me, I've discovered.  It doesn't excite me.  Not even in rose tones.  (Although I do like Kat Von D's Shade & Light Palette.)

4. Favorite Holiday or Limited Edition palette?
Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Palette:  How do I love this palette?  Let me count the ways:  First there's the awesome pigmentation.  Second, there's the variety of colors -- even neutral ones, Third, there's the almost vinyl record album look of the packaging.  Fourth, there's the cool names of the colors.

Makeup Geek Manny MUA Palette:  The colors in this palette are so beautiful and edgy!!!  I fell in love with it when I saw Mirrors and Haze demonstrate it.  

BH Cosmetics Pride + Prejudice + Zombies™ - Eye + Cheek Palette: These colors are right up my alley.  The pigmentation is really nice too and easy to blend!

5. Name a palette you would repurchase or wish you had a back up of (if it’s no longer available)?
Morphe Brushes ACC4 - EMPTY MAGNETIC PALETTE:  I kind of cheated -- with the amount of palettes I have, there is NO WAY I am ever going to finish a palette.  But I could certainly use more empty palettes.  This one is less expensive than the Z-Palette and works superbly.

6. Name a shade you wish were sold individually.
Morphe Brushes 35O - 35 COLOR NATURE GLOW EYESHADOW PALETTE:  There is no name for the color but it's the color on the bottom right corner. It's all sorts of shimmery orangey copper goodness!!

7. Wild Card Question: Pick a question from the original Tag to answer.
"4. Best for traveling"
NYX COSMETICS Go-To Palette in Wanderlust:  With 6 shadows, a shimmery highlight, blush and a bronzer/contour, this palette not only serves as a great travel palette but it also serves as a great "in a hurry" palette.

8. Name the palette you would recommend to a friend. 
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette: At first glance, you may think this is your average matte neutral palette; but, you would be SO wrong!  If you've ever wanted neutral shadows to look edgy -- this is your palette.  The shadows a highly pigmented and highly blendable.  

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