Sunday, April 17, 2016

March 2016 Favorites -- Jewelry, Home & More

This is more like a first quarter favorites.  Maybe even a fourth and first quarter favorites.  LOL  Since fall of last year, I have been working on being more myself; and, letting who I am show on the outside, as well.  It has been, for the most part, very rewarding!  I plan to do a blog entry about what I didn't find rewarding called "Caterpillar Butterfly Girl".  I digress.  So, I have a lot to show for my efforts of being more me.  Descriptions below collage.

  1. Dellamorte & Co. (Etsy): Bloody Baron Samedi Wall Plaque -- This is my second purchase from Dellamorte & Co.  I still have to hang it up. I was enamoured with this piece, when I saw it.  It looked EXACTLY the way I hoped it would look when I received it in the mail.  I think that is so wonderful when that happens!!!  
  2. CBS Elementary -- I've loved Elementary ever since it came on the air a few years ago. I have all the past seasons on DVD.   I love the comedy interspersed with the drama, I love Sherlock's aspergers-like demeanor and genius.  I love that Watson is a woman.  I love that it's set in New York.  I love the realistic way Sherlock's addiction is portrayed.  What can I say?  I just love it!
  3. Moka Moon (Etsy): Quartz Dangle Earrings -- This was one of my first jewelry purchases from Etsy, after I decided I wanted to concentrate on other aspects of my life, rather than just makeup.  These go with pretty much everything.  It can look edgy or fit in if I would happen to need to go into the office or need to look a bit more conservative.
  4. Blood Milk Jewels: Nesting in the Underworld. Cast crystal and hummingbird skull ring -- This was my second purchase from Blood Milk Jewels.  I hadn't actually got my first order, yet; but, they had a sale -- so I thought I'd take advantage.  I get so many compliments on this ring.  When I first got it, I was a bit taken aback by how large it was.  (I had only worn my wedding ring and another more conservative ring my husband had given me for our first anniversary, up till then.) But, I have since come to love how chunky it is.
  5. Martha Rotten (Etsy): Large Bone Hoops -- I had been admiring these for months and months.  When I saw Mirrors and Haze wearing these in a video, I had to get them!!  They looked so good!  I love them & they're not too heavy.
  6. Hades Footwear: Krace Closed toe black platform iceberg wedge shoe with partially studded straps -- Edgy gorgeousness!!!!  Nuff said!
  7. Souvenir Jewelry: So Below Ring -- When I saw this ring, I had to have it!!!  I love this saying!!!  It's a little lighter in weight than it looks; but, still a fabulous ring!
  8. Souvenir Jewelry: Sleeping Village Ring -- I have an affinity for the notion of conjoined twins.  I don't romanticize its reality; but, rather what it represents about the way I feel inside often.  Love this ring!
  9. DewiDesign (Etsy): Fake Gauge Earrings, "Luna" Naturally Organic, Bone -- I have dark hair; so, if I get earring like these, I like to get white ones -- so they can actually be seen -- otherwise I have to tie my hair back.  I love crescent moons and I love the size of these earrings.  And yes, these are Fake Gauge earrings.  I used to stretch my ear holes about 15 years ago; but, I like being able to wear whatever earring I want to wear.
  10. Wild Unknown: Tarot Deck -- I actually first fell in love with the guidebook.  I heard about Wild Unknown from Mothmouth's Through A Looking Glass blog.  It was such a beautifully illustrated book and the font was lovely too!  I had to get the Tarot Deck as well.  Her illustrations are so fabulous!!!
  11. Blood Milk Jewels: The messenger. Crow claw & quartz crystal necklace. Sterling silver. -- This was the first piece I ordered from Blood Milk Jewels.  I love crows and ravens.  I think of them as sort of totem animals along with the fox.  Interesting as they both have similar personalities -- trickster.  I love this piece!  Blood Milk Jewels makes such wonderful pieces!!!
  12. Dellamorte & Co. (Etsy): Conjoined Twins Fetal Skull Display -- Again, with my affinity for conjoined twins.This is the first piece I fell in love with from Dellamorte & Co. (& no, these are not real skulls)   This is a beautifully made, quality piece.
  13. ShopSparrow (Etsy): Large Quartz Necklace -- I love layering this with my Blood Milk Messenger necklace!
  14. Wild Unknown: Tarot Guidebook -- I heard about Wild Unknown from Mothmouth's Through A Looking Glass blog. Such beautiful illustrations and font!!!  I think there's supposed to be a hardback coming out this fall.  If there is, I think I may have to get it.
  15. SilverCypressDesigns (Etsy): Raw Crystal Drops hoop earrings -- These beauties are gorgeous!!! Like my Quartz earrings, these can also be worn if I need to look a little more conservative as well.
  16. Moon Raven Designs (Etsy): Stag Antler Choker Necklace In Solid Jewelers Bronze Elk Antler Choker Necklace 152 -- I asked my husband to get me this as a birthday gift.  I was in love with this piece when I saw it!  I get a lot of compliments on this when I wear this.
  17. Saddleback Leather: Black Leather Tote -- When I saw this handbag, I had to have it. I loved the metal accents on this piece. It has long straps attached to it; but, I most like tucking the straps in and carrying it around as a top handle bag.
Ta ta for now!

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