Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Blush Tag

1. Best packaging
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel (Holiday 2016)
I had never tried Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush formula before.  I thought this was a pretty ingenious way to fit more into less packaging.  I use a separate mirror; so, it doesn’t bother me that there is no mirror.

2. Prettiest color
It Cosmetics Ombre Radience in Sugar Plum
This is kind of an odd question for a makeup addict.  "Prettiest Color" is contingent on what makeup it's been worn with, skin tone etc.  
So, I’m calling this the prettiest color based on how it looks in the pan – it’s ombre and has shimmer and is a pretty mauve color..

3. Most pigmented
Coastal Scents Forever Blush
I had heard of these blushes; but, it wasn't until I heard emilynoel83 of YouTube talk about them that I got some.  She was right.  These blushes are PIGMENTED and they last!.  I would say, if you're on a budget and want a blush that you're not going to have to replace very quickly -- this is it!

4. Everyday blush
Cherry Custard by Laura Geller
I don’t have an everyday blush.  But, I thought of what I would reach for if I was in a hurry.  The answer would be Cherry Custard by Laura Geller, which is in the Baked Color and Contour Palette.  The fact that there’s a contour and highlight in the palette makes it very easy to use when I’m in a hurry.

5. Party blush
Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette
I'm not sure what a "Party blush" is supposed to be.  Again, it all depends on what I'm doing with the rest of my makeup.  I would probably put something with a touch or shimmer on.  In that spirit, I will say the Makeup Revolution Blush Queen palette which is a palette of eight shimmery blushes.  No matter what I decide to do with my makeup for a party there will be something in there for me.

6. Regret purchasing (Two Answers) 
e.l.f. Blush (A bunch of them)
      YouTubers would rave about these blushes -- how pigmented they are, how beautiful the colors look on the skin.  I bought mine during a sale a few years ago and was severely disappointed.  Mine were so NOT pigmented.  The quad blushes that sell for $6 work just fine; but, the single ones, never work for me.

Cream or Liquid blushes
I like cream and liquid blushes.  However, I have so much makeup that cream and liquid formulas just sit there and go bad.

7. Least used
NARS Exhibit A
This probably doesn't need any explanation.  It looked beautiful in the packaging. There is something about red -- eyeshadow, lipstick, nailpolish that captivates me. It is usable with an ultra light touch.  I think it's the inconvenience of having to be so careful with it that puts me off from using it.

8. Most used
Morphe Brushes 9N Palette

This is easy to grab for.  The blushes are easy to wear -- especially with the bolder eyes and lips of today.  And they are good quality!

8.1 would never let go of.
My two Kat Von D Shade and Light blushes
These were out on the market for a hot minute.  I managed to get my hands on two of them before they disappeared from the market permanently.  I have Piaf/Poe and Bonnie/Clyde.  I wanted Morticia/Gomez; but, alas, it was not to be.  

9. Favorite blush brand
None At The Moment
I don’t know that I have a favorite blush brand at the moment.  I suppose if Kat Von D or even Black Moon Cosmetics were to release some, I would probably be in love with those.
My requirements, now, are:
Cruelty free
Have pigmentation
Have a color I like
Don’t be chalky.

10. Greatest blush discovery of the year
Kat Von D Shade and Light blush
I really liked them and wanted more.  But, like I said, it was not to be.  I was fortunate enough to get my hot hands on two of them.

11. Most practical
Cherry Custard by Laura Geller
(See #4)

12. Least practical
NARS Exhibit A
(See #7)

13. Most expensive
Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle in Guava Moonstone
I think at the time I bought my NARS blushes, they were still around $25.  These are $27.  I love that there's a bit of shimmer in them.

14. Least expensive  (Single blushes)
Nyx HD Blush Amber
 As I don't have my e.l.f blushes anymore, Nyx HD blush at $6.99, is my least expensive.

15. Longest Wearing
Coastal Scents Forever Blush
(See #3)

16. Best Blush Palette
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel (Holiday 2016)
Not only are these great blushes; but, I love how they fit ten of them into a very compact space by using both sides of the compact.  There are warms, cools and even a highlighter and bronzer shade in here.

Ta Ta For Now!

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