Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Book Club: ADHD Style -- Intro

I have heaps of unread books on my shelf.  They've gone the wayside with the purchase of my Kindle.  Actually, they'd gone the wayside far before that.  I had a habit of collecting books.  There was a time when I treasured buying books more than I treasured buying makeup or jewelry.  I just loved buying them. The intention was always to read them; but, well...ADHD, distractions, busy lifestyle.  (Sigh!)

There was a time, when Coco and I lived in our little brownstone studio in Downtown Seattle, that I was on a quest to find books that Marilyn Monroe had read (per other books and websites).  There was also a time when I was on a quest to find every book mentioned in the Bombshell Library section of The Bombshell Manual of Style.   I may very well visit some of these, in the future.

The first books/stories I've chosen, however, are newer purchases. Nevertheless, I felt they were a good place to start.

I had never read anything of Lovecrafts before.  I decided to give it a try.  I first set about flipping through the pages, trying to see if there were any illustrations.  The child in me wanted to see some pictures!  LOL Alas, there were none.  

I just happened to leave the book open to Beyond The Wall of Sleep.  The very first sentence caught my attention with its poetic nature.  I plan to read this story as one of my first book club endeavors.

This is a must read for me.  As someone with ADHD and clinical depression, it is easy to let negative emotions get the best of me, or feel overwhelmed.  I have this both as a book on my Kindle as well as in Audio Book form.  This is my non-fiction choice.

Since I write poetry every now and then, I thought, it would probably be good to have a book of poetry as one of my first choices. In the past I was not inclined to buy poetry; but,  I read some of Blood Milk Jewelry's blogs and this book stood out to me.  I got this a few months ago, so this would be an excellent first choice for a poetry book.

Having a variety to read per "session" should help my ADHD brain when I feel inclined to "change subjects" on a whim.

I will provide an update next week as to my progress; and, what I think of what I'm reading.

Here we go!
Ta Ta For Now!

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