Saturday, May 21, 2016

April 2016 Favorites -- Jewelry, Home & More...

  1. Skeletos (Etsy)Triple Owl Talon Hoops, Sterling Silver:  I fell in love with these the second I saw them.  These are edgy without being huge.  
  2. WitcheryWay (Etsy) The Ritual Altar Skull:  "Adorned with a stylized Solomon pentagram and alchemical markings and symbols. Representing Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, & Jupiter."  I love this because it, to me, represents misunderstanding.  A superstitious person, or a person who was uneducated in Wicca, probably looks at this and thinks it's all about "Satanism" or devil worship, when it is nothing of the kind.  This is the same type of harmful misunderstanding that makes black cats difficult to adopt and the first to be euthanized.  This represents a lot to me. 
  3. Blood Milk Jewels Easeful Death. Large Labradorite Coffin Ring:  This was a birthday gift that I asked for.  Blood Milk makes such wonderful jewelry.  I love that her jewelry has a gothy feel without being juvenile.  Her jewelry has a dark elegance to it.
  4. Blood Milk Jewels 2 of Swords. Tarot earrings:  The more I saw these earrings in pictures, the more I had to have them.  I'm so glad I have them.  I would recommend putting those little silicone backings on them when wearing them.  Since the earrings are so long, they can get dislodged from the ear easily if you shrug etc.
  5. Fox Houdini & Doyle:  The was, from what I heard a Canadian series that got picked up by Fox.  I hope it hangs around.  It starts in 1901 just at the end of the Victorian era and the start of the Edwardian era.  I wouldn't want to live back then; but, I find movies, TV and books set in the dingy part of these eras fascinating.
  6. Blood Milk Jewels Petite Lunar Oracle Planchette Ring -- This can be worn as a regular ring or a midi ring.  I thought I had better jump on this because she was retiring this ring this year.  I love it!!!
  7. Serrelynda (Etsy) Wide Silver Cuff Bracelet Statement Butterfly Moth Art Nouveau:  I wanted some bold cuffs; and, this fit the bill!   I love the butterly/moth theme too!
  8. Blood Milk Jewels As above, so below. Lorraine cross necklace:  This necklace is great on its own or layered with a shorter necklace or choker. I've even worn it with a slightly shorter chunky amethyst crystal necklace.
  9. PlaceTile Designs Dry-Erase Menu Message Board, Ceramic:  I wanted a small dry erase board that could stand up by itself on my desk.  I was ecstatic to find that they had black ones, and that this was made of glazed ceramic tile!  I use chalk markers on mine.
  10. Tuscany Leather MONALISA Doctor gladstone leather bag with front straps:  I just loved that this doctor bag had an edgy Steampunk look and was a quality bag.  
  11. Blood Milk Jewels Swan Song Noir Ring:  For some reason, I thought this was a really small ring when I saw it on the website.  Then, I saw Jessica Haze wearing it either on her YouTube channel Mirrors and Haze or on her Instagram page.  It wasn't small at all!  I had to have it when I saw the size of it!!!  I just love the feather details! One of my favorite rings!

Ta Ta For Now!

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