Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Quest For The Perfect Travel Makeup Kit

There has not been one pre-made travel palette out there that I have purchased and thought -- this is just PERFECT!!!  I came somewhat close until I realized I hated the formula of the shadows.  Otherwise, I've found travel palettes missing a crucial element, lacking in fun colors or including things I won't use.  It was up to me to undertake the task of putting together the ultimate travel palette for myself.

The most difficult item to find for my palette was a decent shimmery highlighter.  There was no way I was going to depot my Becca highlighters or my TheBalm Mary Lou Manizer.  Some things just belong in their compacts.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I heard about an indie brand called Looxi Beauty from Young Wild and Polished.  She showed them in her Z-Palette; but, I wanted to know what they looked like on.  I saw a video where a gal swatched them; but, said they weren't shimmery enough for her.  I decided to take a chance and order some anyway.

I was pleasantly surprised.  They were quite shimmery.  This was after I ordered one of Anastasia Beverly Hill's Champagne refill pans and felt -- Meh! -- about it.  (I'm still waiting for Makeup Geek to release her highlighters. They promise to be uber shimmery!!!)

Below, I have the name of the palette I bought, as well as the brands and shades of all the pans!  This is by no means a "permanent" collection.  I'm sure to switch things around in the future.  If I do, there will be another post. :)

Another Soul on Etsy:  LUXE Premium Magnetic Makeup Palette - Seven Kingdoms.  A really beautiful sturdy palette!!!

Ta Ta For Now!
(It's Sophie!!!)

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